Friday, April 24, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Sylvan of Spells Up Close


Although I centered this post around Sylvan of Spells, Odyssey is getting a tiny call-out for this really fun hair from Wasabi Pills, called Jasmine. It has Wasabi Pills' standard awesome curls and tendrils, with an added dose of her fun 50$L Friday colors. I tucked into it's waves a wonderful lily circlet from Talevin's Designs (Fantasy Faire Location), the first of a long selection of items you can find on the sim Sylvan of Spells. The sparkling staff in my hands is from the same store, along with a whole slew of other accessories and weapons - definitely more than I could show here! I love the sparkled on it and the shape is mesh and editable - I made it a bit smaller, to fit my hand, then lengthened it out with complete ease. Thank you editable mesh!!! My accessories are actually a combination of two sets, both of them RFL Donation items, from Plastik (Fantasy Faire Location). They sport gems of official Fantasy Faire purple, and in addition to the necklace and earrings I'm showing here there are circlets and rings and second necklace styles galore. Each sign states exactly what comes in the set. which includes the gold metal I show here, silver, and black.

A Fun Find!

My outfit is a fun recolor of one of my favorite fluffy mesh dresses from Tayren's Fantasy Fashions (Fantasy Faire Location), and the purchase actually includes an entire avatar, including skin, shape, and shoes. I love the sparkles, which catch the similar sparkles in my Talevin's Designs (Fantasy Faire Location) staff - above you can see the striking pinecone top which made me fall in love with it. I couldn't resist the pink-to-yellow fade even though wasn't immediately obvious it went with the rest of my accoutrements! I think everyone has one of those days they want to combine sparkles and combat boots, though, and clearly this was my day. And finally, said combat boots come from FDD Stories (Fantasy Faire Location) and are part of another full outfit. I'm showing off the dark brown, but there's also a lovely antique blue. I fell in love with the design of these, from the button up the front, to the added knee pads, to the band over the ankle to hold everything in place. They're fitted mesh, which means they fit out of the box, and I had to increase my foot size to bring myself into proportion - definitely a first, and a welcome one at that.

All in all, my look may be unconventional, but I rather like it!

Lovely Entrance

The building in this and the one after the next are from Independent Objects (Fantasy Faire Location), a pair of fascinating Moroccan style houses with open entrances or roofs. I really like the shape of them, and the included door hangings and sun shade are  festively patterned. I had fun placing a bunch of other things around them, like this rose bush from Fantasy China (Fantasy Faire Location), a full mesh rose bush inside of a simple stone urn. The lanterns - which are lighting this whole scene - are both from Gypsy Wolf (Fantasy Faire Location) and come in five different colors - more of them shown below. They have a lovely shape and pattern on them, and light up an area prodigiously. Finally, the welcome sign up front is a free gift from Kaerri (Fantasy Faire Location), and set to match the other floral and fairy themed offering from her at the Fantasy Faire. I love the little animals perched all over it; such fun!

Surreal Cafe

I filled this Moroccan style building from Independent Objects with a bunch of offerings from Kaerri (Fantasy Faire Location), all with a floral and cafe theme. The relay for life offerings are the piano and clock, both of them sweet additions to any set. I really love how the flowers are woven in and how the grass sprouts up from the ground - even on this stone floor it looks surreal and soft.I'm definitely keeping these for the next time I want to plan a real garden party!

I Can Balance my Staff!

I hope you enjoyed brief peek at some of the lovely things available on Sylvan of Spells at the Fantasy Faire. Please drop by to see the rest - there's more than I could cover in a month of Sundays!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Tangleshimmer Grove sponsored by Roawenwood

Tangleshimmer Grove is sponsored by Roawenwood and was created by Searlait Nitschke. It contains 18 stores.
Deep in the heart of the wood is the secret place of Fairies. Golden light bathes the lush green as flowers dance and the early morning dew lays a glistening shimmer over the world.
Tangleshimmer 2

Fantasy Faire: Sylvan of Spells sponsored by Merchants of Dreams

Sylvan of Spells is sponsored by Merchants of Dreams and was created by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Eldowyn Inshan. It contains 19 stores.
Enchanted grove where our stories are collected and nurtured by mystic librarians. Books, scrolls and parchment litter the ground, the debris of the Forest of Enlightenment.
2015-04-22 Sylvan of Spells_003

One of the central events to Fantasy Faire is the Literary Festival, with an impressive calender of events! It begins in the evening of the 23rd at 5PM with an open mic event, which will be reproduced if it proves to be popular. After that, there are at least two or three events a day, and some days as many as eight or nine! It ends on Saturday at 8am with a discussion of the stories of the Hunt taking place during the Faire! Make sure to check them out.

2015-04-22 Sylvan of Spells_010

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Death is Before Me Today

Into the Garden

Death is before me today:
Like the recovery of a sick man,
Like going forth into a garden after sickness.

Under a Sail

Death is before me today:
Like the odor of myrrh,
Like sitting under a sail in a good wind.

Return of a Woman

Death is before me today:
Like the course of a stream,
Like the return of a man from the war-galley to his house.

Longing for Home

Death is before me today:
Like the home that a man longs to see,
After years spent as a captive.

Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes
Adaptation of "Dispute between a Man and his Ba"

Monday, April 20, 2015

21 Shoe: Kokoia

21 Shoe: Kokoia

Cross strap heels are the name of the game for Kokoia's monthly deal, heavy black counter, heel, and vamp for both of the shoes. The vamp is lined with the pattern for the shoe, a pattern which is echoed in the thick bands which form the cross strap and flat strap along the bridge of the foot, holding it to almost impossible heights. Animal print makes up these patterns, one pair a lovely leopard spot and the other a striking zebra stripe. I love that the very heavy bands are echoed more narrowly on the vamp - it adds a lovely elegance to the shoe. I also like the zipper up the heel in silver, and the silver flaps holding the elastic on the inside of the foot. The shoes are fitted for Maitreya, SLink, and The Mesh Project, giving you a lot of options!

On the 21st of this month, both of these shoes will be available - two for the price of one. I encourage you to swing by Kokoia and pick up a pair!

21 Shoe: N-Core

21 Shoe: N-Core

Every now and then, shoes made almost entirely of lace are needed, and this month N-Core is offering up not only a pair of black lace shoes, but a second pair of starkest white! Both of them are sling-back, open-toed shoes with a moderate platform and a nicely high heel of a solid color. The shape is particularly nice, with a heavy ribbon edge that outlines smooth curves from the widest point at the toe, to the narrow thread at the heel. The heel has a tiny cap at the base in the contrasting color of the sole and the insole - both the black and the white have the same base. The shoes are made for the highest feet of Belleza, Maitreya, N-core, SLink, and The Mesh Project; a fantastic variety!

On the 21st of this month, both of these shoes will be available - two for the price of one. I encourage you to swing by N-Core and pick up a pair!

21 Shoe: Ingenue

21 Shoe: Ingenue

Ingenue is getting in touch with the sweet side of shoes with this pair of charming, fruit decorated pumps in two tones - a simple color on the toe, counter and heel, and a pattern on the body. The pattern is a playful pattern of stylized fruit over a polka dot background, giving them a young and playful air which contrasts nicely with the otherwise sleek, adult shape of the shoe. The polka dots continue on the insole, under the logo for the store. I love the addition of thread marks along the edges, making these shoes seem highly realistic even up close and enlarged! They fit for the high version of Belleza, Maitreya, and SLink and are editable, so you may be able to fit them even for other feet. These are perfect for sweet and fresh summer looks in the clear pastels so common on the grid.

On the 21st of this month, both of these shoes will be available - two for the price of one. I encourage you to swing by Ingenue and pick up a pair!

21 Shoe: Bliensen + MaiTai

21 Shoe: Bliensen + MaiTai

This month, Bliensen + MaiTai is offering up a pair of open-toed pumps, each with their own specific styling against a sleek form. The shoes themselves are reassuringly heavy and slick, with the vamp stretched down over the slight platform of the sole and the rich red of the interior stretched just a little around the edges of the shoe to create a narrow, distinctive edge. The heel is quite high - they are built for the highest foot shape for Belleza, Maitreya, The Mesh Project, and SLink. The Belleza version are even unrigged, so you can see if you can fit them for other feet as well! The shoes on the left are the Marina version, and in addition to a jaunty combination of blue and red they also sport an anchor detail that hangs in it's silver glory over the side of the foot. The option on the right is call Stingray and has a lovely sheen to it over the gold, bumpy texture of the shoe.

On the 21st of this month, both of these shoes will be available - two for the price of one. I encourage you to swing by Bliensen + MaiTai and pick up a pair!

Fantasy Faire: I Remember

The Fairelands are stirring, taking new shapes, woven from dreams and imagination to shift closer to our reality. It is time to remember the past forms, the six Fairelands before the ones that will emerge in two weeks. Time to remember the forms you have taken, the adventures you’ve had, the moments that took your breath away.
I've been blogging Fantasy Faire since 2011, and each year the amount I've wanted to do has increased simply because I love the Fairelands and the spirit everyone brings to it so much. It was literally my first experience blogging anything official, the first time I applied to anything, and I was an extreme neophyte - but I had such fun! 2011 also started my trend of making a post for every sim in the Fairelands, something which I've continued to this day, and I wanted to highlight some of my favorite sims over the years, forcing myself to pick just one a year! Such torment!

Man On Fire!

2011 was the beginning, and the sim which took my breath away the first time - the one which cemented my desire to cover the whole event - was Dark Mirage.The style was 1001 Arabian Nights rendered in shades of red and gray, and it simply took my breath away. Believe me when I say my pictures captured only the barest hint of the full effect - I was much more of a neophyte photographer, and it still manages to leap off of the page. One of the amazing things about this build was how it combined enormous, overwhelming builds like the centerpiece with much smaller builds, like the floating rooms which I only discovered had places to relax inside of them as the Faire was ending! Truly and astonishing world created for visitors and vendors alike, and one of my favorite builds from The Looking Glass of all time.

Floating Islands

2012 I began to feel like I had my sea legs; I knew what to expect and what to do, but the sims retained their powers to delight. It was also the beginnings of petites and the first year I blogged with bodies not my own. Nu Orne was the sim which took my breath away, with it's combination of glowing, changing lights and dark shadows. I had known of Cerridwen's Cauldron before seeing Nu Orne, but this sim really brought home to me how powerful and magical her creations were on an epic scale.

2013-05-01 Landscaping_007

2013 brought me real comfort in the Fairelands - which if you know anything of fairy tales is the time when darkness comes. I felt for the first time as if I really belonged, as if I were a welcome member even if I was a very minor fae in the way of things. It also introduced me to one of Fallen Gods' most subtle builds, Magnificat. Alia always does romantic styles, in the original sense of the word, and Magificat combined that build sense with water and land in a way which took my breath away. I spent long periods of time absently watching the boats come and go through the city, dreaming of Venice. The build itself inspired a short story I wrote for Fantasy Faire, which won the PrimPerfect contest and left me entirely verklempt - The Red Sail. I loved this sim with a depth and fervor I'm not sure I can express, and I was grieved when it vanished into the mists.

2013 was also the year which cemented my love for MadPea through the hunt that they did for the Faire that year, The Key of Hope (part 1, part 2). Charming, inspirational, and a whole lot of fun, it also helped to settle me into the style of blogging I use for MadPea hunts - the up close shots of hunt objects, for example, and the inclusion of the full story for posterity.

Steps in Half Circles

In utter irony after 2013, 2014 was the first year I wasn't a member of the Fantasy Faire official team, which limited my access to the Fairlands. By now I felt dedicated, though, and I was determined to do as much as I could! Medhir Woods stands out to me as one of my favorite sims this year, especially the central build in front of Solarium, with the gathering-spot leading out onto water, and the Gazebo with the glorious view. For the first time, I told a story as I went from sim to sim - the story of a lost fae in an ever-changing world. Medhir Woods was the solemn conjunction of many different types of autumn, and it exemplifies to me the inevitable changes which occur as we grow in knowledge and experience.

There was another hunt this year telling a story of the Fairlands which will continue this year! Called the Palace of Tears (part 1, part 2), it added audio and video to the mix, which was a lot of fun. The first part was literally about proving your worth to Old Fimbleby, while the second involved similar levels of puzzle madness! Based on reports from AviewTV's interview with Sonia Marmurek, the technical issues which plagued me that year have been more than addressed, an excellent example of how the Fantasy Faire becomes better every year!

Taunting the Pigeons

And now I'm back at the Faire! With all my strengths and weaknesses, all my foibles and fancies, I'm hoping to bring all of me into the Fairlands again to explore and be delighted. I hope you'll join me!

21 Shoe: Essenz

21 Shoe: Essenz

Essenz has created a much more buckled down riff on the t-strap heel, starting with a high platform base and then combining a quite thick band at the ankle with a very narrow one mid foot, and holding them all together with an intermediately sized upper that is in a single piece with the ankle strap. I especially like how the shoe is designed with grommets and a supporting band for the secondary strap at the arch of the foot. The profile form the side is nicely curved with an elegant feel to it, and the vamp is bat-winged and tucked inside the sides of the shoe, leaving a nice open toe. The colors, a muted yellow and a soft peach, are exclusive for this event. They're rigged and uneditable, set up for both the SLink and Maitreya high feet. Also include is a HUD to change the colors of the hardwear between gold and silver, and the sole between peach and black.

On the 21st of this month, both of these shoes will be available - two for the price of one. I encourage you to swing by Essenz and pick up a pair!