Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fantasy Fair: OtherWorld

Sim Sponsor: Cerridwen's Cauldron (Interview)
Builder: Elicio Ember

Fairechylde Dock on Otherworld is where most of the DJ sets will take place.

The Pavilion on Otherworld is where the Lit Fest story events will take place.

OtherWorld: Glittering

Light flashes and reflects off of surfaces of glass, metal, and water - dazzling the eyes. The glass makes up an improbable bridge over the sparkling sea, the brittle surface chiming under hard shoes and whispering at the caress of bare feet. More glass hangs within metal cages, some standing at the top of poles and others hanging from heavy chains. Delicate patterns are pressed into the sides of poles and gateways, outlining large and small pieces with indentations in swirls and whirls that intricately double back on themselves. More panels of glass are set into metal archways; below them hang flags as intricately decorated as the metal it hangs from. Small islands rise out of the water nearby, stone edifices piled upon them. Some glow with more intricate patterns while others funnel water up through the depths to spring into fountains. Plants alive with light sprout form otherwise unremarkable soil, taller stands of palm trees and bamboo standing as shadowy neighbors.

OtherWorld: Rhomboid

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fantasy Faire: A Traveller in Echtra


Echtra is a world of ice and snow, a story about a child-like lord of winter missing his summer sister, and so it seems appropriate that the outfit I put together is the very embodiment of spring. Swirling around my bright spring look is a set of sakura petals from NAMINOKE (Echtra), which are also a pose-giver via a HUD - though I didn't make use of the poses here. The wings, with their pale flowers and long golden cloths tied around the veins, are also from NAMINOKE (Echtra) and I really adore them - from how naturally the branches seem to fall and how pretty the flowers are. The combo of wings and petals is just fun, especially when different poses seem to bring them into relationship with each other - as you can see. Trust that you will see these again in the future - these are absolutely a delight!


Fantasy Faire: Echtra

Sim Sponsor: The Lost Unicorn Gallery by Natalie Montagne (Interview)
Builder: Loki Eliot

Event Sponsor: Safe Waters Foundation by GraceSWF Wrigglesworth (Interview)

Sunday, April 24 at 5:30SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Echtra
Monday, April 25 at 10AM SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Echtra

Echtra: Entrance

["The Gloom of Echtra"]
The Rickety Weasels and their Guardians of the Elemental stones are returning to the fair in the gloom ridden town of Echtra. The land has been eclipsed in a grey season-less gloom and the parents have disappeared with that same curse. The Children must search the realm for clues to their plight and restore time back to their realm.
Read More About Echtra’s Story here
Read more about the roleplayers behind the story here
Read Daily Updates here

[ The Echtra Experience Hunt ]

Echtra: Tamed Fire

Fantasy Faire: Creations of Echtra

Creations of Echtra

This lovely couples pose is a rezzable from Roquai (Echtra), a taller figure embracing a shorter one, fingers covering each other. It's one of a number of matched sets, each with accompanying swirls of Sakura blossoms from NAMINOKE (Echtra). The poses and petals were done as a collaboration between these two stores, and the effect is lovely and striking - whether one keeps to the arrangements included, or ads some flourishes of one's own. 

Fantasy Faire: The Echtra Experience

When you land in Echtra, there is a sign you can click to join the Echtra Experience to learn about what's going on and get some shiny gifts! The goal is to look for small golden footprints and stand on them, thus advancing what you know. Initially, a large black band will show up across the bottom of your screen and you have to accept permissions to affect your avatar. Rikkon the Cheerful is standing right nearby; when you move on top of the golden footprints, you're view moves and he speaks to you. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fantasy Faire: A Traveller in Serenity

Serenity: By the Shore

Serenity offered up some amazing views, amazing heights, and some truly unique items to wear. The The Stringer Mausoleum (Serenity) offers up a truly unique hair - roses growing along the line of the skull from forehead to the nape of the neck, available in a bunch of unusual colors. If it doesn't perfectly meet your skull, it's modify-ok so that you can shift the roses to fit your head. I added on top of that a set of lovely antlers complete with jewelry from Spyralle (Serenity). The shape of these antlers is amazing, wide and sweeping with balls of light on the ends, while the forehead jewelry hands from golden chains. The design of it is rounded and interesting, with a delicate pattern placed behind the gold trim - a good example of Spyralle's excellent combination of shape and texture. This RFL design is lovely and there's also a HUD driven multipack available.

Serenity: Bright Lights

Fantasy Faire: Serenity

Sim Sponsor: The NeoVictoria Project by Asil Ares (Interview)
Builder: Kaelis Ember

Event Sponsor: Empyrean Forge by Empyreanforge Resident

Monday, April 25 at 5:30PM SLT - LitFest  Region Tour: Serenity
Tuesday, April 26 at 10AM SLT - LitFest Region Tour: Serenity

Serenity: Candlelight

The NeoVictoria Project (Interview): The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater
  • Thursday, April 21 at 5PM SLT - Scene 1 ~ The Dullahan Arrives (NeoVictoria Sim)
  • Friday, April 22 at 6PM SLT - Scene 2 ~ Finding The Automaton on The Cathedral 
  • Monday, April 25 at 6PM SLT - Scene 3 ~ Understanding the Threat
  • Wednesday, April 27 at 6PM SLT - Scene 4 ~ Battle Against the Soul-Eater
  • Thursday, April 28 at 5PM SLT - Scene 5 ~ Release & Celebration (IC Party 7PM SLT on)
  • Friday, April 29 at 6PM SLT - Scene 6 ~ Returning Home(ends on NeoVictoria Sim)

Other Stores on Sim:

Serenity: Carved from Stone

Fantasy Faire: Creations of Serenity

Creations of Serenity

[CIRCA] Living (Serenity) made some amazing items for the Fantasy Faire, and I'm showing off most of the pieces of the set here. I love the tree with a face - I've been a sucker for trees with faces since The Last Unicorn - looking solemn and quiet. The log off to the left is a seat as well as being highly decorative, with cute flower accents, and comes as part of a matched set. The little open log has the cutest rabbits in it - you can see the tiny ears poking up over the top! A lot of the little details are part of the pieces, like the rocks being part of the archway, which makes them excellent additions to a complicated landscape. Swing by Fantasy Faire - it's open through this weekend, and everything about it is incredible.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fantasy Faire: Wednesday, April 27

Sapphire Mirror Lake: The Three Sisters


9AM SLT on Tinker's Hollow - Lit Fest DJ

10AM SLT on OtherWorld Pavilion - LitFest  Region Tour: Dangarnon

11AM SLT on OtherWorld Pavilion - LitFest ‘Poetry Prompt’ with Leslye Writer

11AM SLT on OtherWorld - DJ Holocluck Henly

11AM SLT in Sapphire Mirror Lake - The Night Theater~ "Fairytales Told- Stories by H.C. Andersen" (Dance)

1PM SLT on OtherWorld - DJ Elrik Merlin with Host CuriousinSL

2PM SLT on OtherWorld Pavilion - LitFest ‘The Writers’ Circle Open Mic’ with Jilly Kidd and Adele Ward

Sapphire Mirror Lake:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fantasy Faire: A Traveller in Sapphire Mirror Lake

Sapphire Mirror Lake: Grand Arrival

Sapphire Mirror Lake has both a purpose and an artistic bent, being a creation of Haveit Neox in brilliant color and stunning, singular design. The center of the sim is an enormous stage area with a hollow underneath for the performers. The rest is an amazing array of figures leading someone on a long walk around the sim through a crowd of celebrants and down underwater to a secret gallery. To dress up for this festive sim, I'm put on the third skin from .:Soul:. (Blackmoor) which are donation items, only this time instead of wearing the brightly colored version, I'm showing the muted "faded" version included in each package. It's a sweet combo of pink and purple, with the same bubbly pattern as the rest of these skins, and I loved making a look around it.

Sapphire Mirror Lake: Abstracted